Documented: Refugees Stressing New Hampshire
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Plenty more where these came from: Refugees arriving in New Hampshire

The invaluable Refugee Resettlement Watch blog has picked up first class concrete evidence of the harm being done by profligate and irresponsible refugee admission in New Hampshire:

My name is Jeannine Richardson and I am the President of Landlord Connection

We are a NH Company that offers rental history reports to landlords, property management companies and several housing authorities throughout the state of NH…

I can state that much of the government subsidized housing in NH is being taken by refugees leaving many lifelong NH residents on waiting lists of up to 4 years. Many of these refugees have enormous trouble getting into the workforce and are competing with our residents for what few jobs are available…

My personal experience has been apartments left in disastrous conditions and after a few months, these refugees are abandoned by the agencies who brought them here. The State of NH does not have the resources at this time to care for more refugees. As it is Manchester is spending over $1million per year teaching English as a second language to people who speak 70 different languages.

The system is out of control and has turned into a moneymaking scheme for several non-profits in NH. has been following the abuses by the Refugee Resettlement Industry for a long time and Jeannine Richardson is completely correct about the economic dynamic.

We have also been watching the very mixed record of the New Hampshire GOP establishment on refugees and immigration, regarding with particular contempt the cowardly Senator Ayotte. Her record of dodging of this issue - which she did not scruple to use in her election campaign - has recently been given an excessively flattering C- by NumbersUSA.

More encouragingly, it appears Jeannine Richardson is well read on the question. She continued:

I’m tired of the “we are a nation of immigrants” myth as well. It’s an urban legend. Some of us have ancestors who were here over 350 years ago. How far back do we have to go? Is England a nation of immigrants too? After all, the Vikings landed there thousands of years ago. If I remember correctly the Romans and Saxons immigrated there too. There have been several periods in our history when immigration was stopped. In fact it should be stopped now...

To my knowledge this argument was first advanced by Peter Brimelow in his seminal (and Grandee-offending) National Review immigration articles and subsequently developed in Alien Nation applauds Richardson’s conclusion:

We are the third most populated country on the planet. Why do we import more people? …The refugee program is nothing more than a source of revenue from the Federal Government for these do-gooders. They are paid for each person they bring in while we are stuck paying for their airfare and everything else. I am tired of the scam being played by the UN on the American people.

I am hoping something can be done to stop the tremendous burden this is placing on Americans.

The photo is from The Debate over Granite State Refugees By Laura Knoy July 28, 2011

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