Happy Birthday, Refugee Resettlement Watch Blog!
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Or, anyway, happy first anniversary! Appropriately, the anniversary coincided with Brenda Walker's recent main-page article, World Refugee Day: Mondo Multicult–Courtesy Of The UN And The Bush White House.

Ann Corcoran, co-founder and co-proprietor of Refugee Resettlement Watch (RRW), was one of the principals in the successful campaign to keep Hagerstown, Maryland from being inundated with the fruits of the Virginia Council of Churches' compassion, described by VDARE's Thomas Allen in an article last November, Patriot Activists Fight Off Refugee Invasion In Hagerstown, MD. (I think it's notable that these Virginia do-gooders chose to exercise their taxpayer-funded compassion in another state.)

Corcoran opened her own first-anniversary post with

Just one year ago today, Judy and I launched Refugee Resettlement Watch. Our original purpose has not changed–we want to help you, our readers, learn more about this government program which very likely is affecting or will affect your lives.
How will it affect your life? Well, it's worth keeping in mind that Hagerstown's win was undoubtedly some other town's loss, since the Hagerstown-bound refugees presumably didn't vanish into thin air. So learn how to inoculate your community against the designs of the Refugee-Industrial Complex by keeping up with RRW—even join their conversation!—and recognizing that the Virginia Council of Churches may have you within its sights even now. (North Dakotans, this means you!)
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