Do Colleges Want To Teach Critical Thinking, Or Do They Want To Promote The Narrative? They Can't Do Both!
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The Countenance blogmeister linked to the same WSJ story that Steve Sailer links to below.

He writes

The worst schools in this metric [critical thinking skills before and after college] are the elite, top shelf, big name schools. Their response is that because of their admissions selectivity, their freshmen come into the school and out of the box with very high critical thinking skills, so it would be hard to improve on them in the four years they’re there.

I think as far as that goes, the truth is a glass that’s half full and half empty. In that I think the truth is somewhere in between the two. I can’t quite put my finger on a precise case, but I do know that there’s a necessary trade off between critical thinking and narrative, and that the top shelf schools are in the narrative installation business. You can have critical thinking skills, or believe that our diversity is our strength, but never both. You can have critical thinking skills, or believe in racial equality, but never both.

Critical Thinking v Narrative, Countenance Blog, June 6, 2017

Colleges have been in the indoctrination business all my life—at least since the 1950s (God And Man At Yale, Pictures From An Institution, Academic Freedom by Russell Kirk) it's a wonder anyone ever learned anything there.
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