Diversity Is Strength! It's Also... A Surveillance State In Germany. And Arabs Kicking Babies.
December 29, 2016, 04:38 AM
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As The Current Year comes to an end, it's time to take stock of how the Narrative has changed. One of the most noticeable developments is how those who push for mass immigration in Europe have essentially stopped making arguments. Few are saying the wave of Muslim "refugees" are going to help Europe. Instead, it is framed as a moral obligation, an act of cosmic repentance for racism, or simply something we "can" do. As Angela Merkel used to put it, "wir schaffen das," or "we can do it." Ok, but why should we?

No one seems to be answering that last question. Instead, as the costs of "diversity" become more and more apparent, Europe is learning the truth behind Sam Francis's warning that anarcho-tyranny is where multiculturalism leads. Now, because of rising migrant crime, Germany is moving towards adopting a UK style surveillance state.

A week after a deadly terror attack at a Christmas market, another crime in the German capital is feeding a debate over how the country balances security and civil liberties.

Early Christmas morning, police said, a group of young people tried to set fire to a sleeping homeless man in a Berlin subway station. Passersby extinguished the flames before the man was hurt.

By Tuesday, the suspects in the case had been detained. They were asylum seekers—six from Syria and one from Libya, according to police. Authorities said all seven either turned themselves in or were taken into custody after the publication of security-camera images...

[T]he usefulness of the video footage in this case has given advocates of tougher security measures another example to justify their call for expanded surveillance powers for the state as it contends with a massive influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. The government approved a law last week meant to increase video surveillance in public places—drafted before the truck attack—but proponents say even more is needed.

[New Berlin Crime Adds Fuel to German Debate Over Surveillance and Immigrationby Anton Troianovski, Wall Street Journal, December 27, 2016]

It's these kinds of developments which fuel conspiracy theories. The government, quite literally, imports a security problem which makes life worse for everyone. Then, to "solve" the problem which they themselves created, government officials propose a sweeping crackdown on the people in general. It won't do much to solve the actual problem. The mass surveillance state created in Great Britain hasn't done much to stop rising crime in that unfortunate kingdom [Violent crime jumps 27 percent in new figures released by the Office for National Statisticsby David Barrett, Telegraph, January 22, 2016].

There's some opposition in Germany.

But some proposals for tougher laws are likely to encounter skepticism from Ms. Merkel’s center-left Social Democratic coalition partners and from the parliamentary opposition.

“Video surveillance in sensitive and endangered places is right, and it can help,” said Konstantin von Notz, a lawmaker for the opposition, center-left Greens in federal parliament. “But it is also completely clear that undoing privacy and the ability to be unobserved in public spaces…would be completely incompatible with our constitution.”

Yet this opposition is meaningless. The Green Party, which is now "center-left" apparently, is fanatically dedicated to replacing Germans with Arabs. As are the Social Democrats. So expect the surveillance state to be on its way.

Not that it will do anything to stop crimes like this:

Residents were being evacuated following the discovery of a bomb from the Second World War and some had boarded a replacement night bus when a fight broke out.

Several Syrian migrants erupted with anger because of a pram taking up space on the bus.

Migrants hurled abuse at other passengers before a fight broke out, with four of the Syrian men using the handles on the bus to hoist themselves up and attack women and old people to try and drag them into the fighting, according to an eyewitness.

The migrants paid no attention to anyone in their way, at one point kicking a one-year-old in the face.

Paramedics were called and arrived on the scene to help the injured but the men began attacking them with belts - not letting up until the police were called.

[Rampaging Syrian migrants KICK BABY on bus, then attack paramedics trying to treat childby Rehema Figueiredo, Telegraph, December 28, 2016]

Unlimited surveillance, attacks on paramedics, and Arabs kicking babies in the face. Isn't diversity wonderful?