Let's Unleash A Storm Of **Approval** On Senator Tom Cotton [R-AR]
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In his A Post-Christmas Miracle in the NEW YORK TIMES: “Fix Immigration. It’s What Voters Want”Steve Sailer called our attention to Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton's beyond-terrific op-ed in the Wednesday (December 28, 2016) New York Times.

It's astonishing that the modern-day Times would run such a piece.  (Astonishment wasn't always one's default response.  For example, on February 22, 2000, the Times published an editorial titled Hasty Call for Amnesty and filled with commonsensical arguments that probably would cause heads to explode among their editorial-board rabble today.)

Especially notable is that Cotton didn't limit his subject to illegal immigration.  Here's his second sentence:

President-elect Trump now has a clear mandate not only to stop illegal immigration, but also to finally cut the generation-long influx of low-skilled immigrants that undermines American workers.
(A classic article on this point is Legal, Good / Illegal, Bad? by Mark Krikorian at National Review Online, June 1, 2007.)

So ... I urge immigration patriots from all over to first read—and marvel at—Senator Cotton's piece, then phone one of his offices to—briefly! (they're busy)—encourage his excellent instincts and let him know that the American public, nationally, is with him.

The number for his Capitol Hill office is 202-224-2353.  He has district offices in Little Rock (501-223-9081), Springdale (479-751-0879), El Dorado (870-864-8582), and Jonesboro (870-933-6223).

If you're new at phoning congressional offices, this is a low-pressure chance to get some experience, as it's a friendly (i.e. not disputatious) call, and you don't need to go into any complicated details.  But if you're especially bashful, you can make the call after hours and leave a voicemail.

I did this myself midday Wednesday when I called his DC office and, to my surprise, reached an answering machine.  You can hear the approximately 40-second message I rattled off here [MP3 file].  Because this was a simple case, I ad-libbed my message, but sometimes I write out a script beforehand.

Please hop to it, readers!  There's a long road ahead to rescue our country from mass dysfunctional immigration, and we need Senator Cotton to be confident that he's speaking for myriads.

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