Diversity Is Our Strength, Canadian Edition
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Kathy Shaidle forwarded this story from Toronto with the tag "Diversity Is Our Strength:"

(her own post is called Just think of all the great restaurants)

Police Probing 3 Separate Sex Assaults In As Many Days,City.tv.com, June 4, 210

Since the alleged assailants are still at large, they include physical descriptions of the three suspects.

They include

  • one black, (not African-American, since he's a Jamaican living in Canada)
  • one Asian
  • one East Indian

That's diversity! That's the official police description, of course, which always tells the race of the person they're looking for, because it's the first thing people notice.

If the suspects weren't' at large, however, it would probably be "Man Arrested."

40 years ago, Canada wasn't very diverse. That meant, I suppose, that if you were going to be sexually assaulted, it would have to be by a white guy. Then came mass immigration.

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