Diversity Is Our Strength, Canadian Edition
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June 05, 2010, 05:30 PM
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Kathy Shaidle forwarded this story from Toronto with the tag "Diversity Is Our Strength:"

(her own post is called Just think of all the great restaurants)

Police Probing 3 Separate Sex Assaults In As Many Days,, June 4, 210

Since the alleged assailants are still at large, they include physical descriptions of the three suspects.

They include

  • one black, (not African-American, since he`s a Jamaican living in Canada)
  • one Asian
  • one East Indian

That`s diversity! That`s the official police description, of course, which always tells the race of the person they`re looking for, because it`s the first thing people notice.

If the suspects weren`t` at large, however, it would probably be "Man Arrested."

40 years ago, Canada wasn`t very diverse. That meant, I suppose, that if you were going to be sexually assaulted, it would have to be by a white guy. Then came mass immigration.