Poizner/Whitman - Two MSM accounts strangely diverge
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Whatever the results of the Poizner/Whitman GOP Gubernatorial Primary on Tuesday, it is clear that patriots owe Steve Poizner much gratitude; he has put Immigration in play in California politics. Even The New York Times has noticed! Immigration Debate Defines Race in California By Adam Nagourney June 4 2010:

IRVINE, Calif. – Meg Whitman was almost at the end of a 30-minute town hall-style meeting here…But one topic had not come up, so Ms. Whitman, a Republican candidate for governor, raised it herself, serving up a stern attack against illegal immigration and a promise that she would protect California’s borders…

…as her contest for the Republican nomination for governor against Steve Poizner, the state insurance commissioner, enters its final days, she has found herself drawn into a loud and caustic argument over immigration policy.

For Whitman - initially totally useless on the immigration issue - to be forced into doing a McCain and pretending to be responsible

running advertisements promising to be ”tough as nails” on illegal immigration

can only mean that she and her advisors have been seriously scared.

This is complete news apparently to The Christian Science Monitor, which tried hard to ignore the issue in Hefty spending key to Meg Whitman's late lead in GOP primary By Daniel B. Wood June 4 2010

Carefully avoiding mentioning Whitman’s recent immigration ads, Wood quotes Jessica Levinson, political reform director of the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) saying

”Unfortunately, in California, the ability to buy television ads can still translate into a lead in the polls. Even with the advent of the internet, money still talks in campaigns.”

Bizarrely attributing Whitman’s stumbling to her Goldman Sachs links which briefly featured in the campaign the report did manage to find a California academic to make the politically correct (and incredible) claim that the immigration

"has not shifted many votes”

— which Whitman’s late behavior of course refutes. (It also ended with the strange quote

”Whitman has run a terrific campaign — very few mistakes,” says Robert Stern, president of CGS.

Unsurprisingly, entering ”Immigration” into the CGS search engine produces zero items).

Ask The CSM’s Daniel Wood why his account is so inaccurate.

A highly cogent argument can be made that California’s appalling collapse in a generation from being perhaps the most livable to amongst the most dysfunctional of States is entirely due to being inundated with huge quantities of economically marginal immigrants — as Joe Guzzardi has documented for us. And the domestic servant-employing H1-B gorged Republican elite is to a large degree culpable - along with their parasitical Campaign Consultants.

Perhaps the GOP electorate will once again prove slow-witted in this Primary. But thanks to Steve Poizner it is getting there.

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