Discussion Questions Available For Next Book Club
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For all members of the Book Club, the discussion questions are now ready and available for download for all who have joined. You can sign up here

The purpose of these questions isn't just to give you a kind of sneak preview about what we will be talking about. It also provides a focus for the reading. As you can see if you join, we are also not going to be just limited to the book itself, but what the future holds on issues of Miss Loomer's political aspirations, the general atmosphere of deplatforming, and what the Left will be prepared to do to suppress the kind of patriot uprising that we are beginning to see from all around the country. Again, the issue is bigger than any particular personality.

The recent ban of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is drawing more attention to the issue. We'll have to see if this is enough to finally get the GOP to stop being something more than glorified corporate lobbyists [Twitter's Marjorie Taylor Greene ban fuels GOP attacks on 'Big Tech,' by Rebecca Klar, The Hill, January 4, 2022].

Each question linked to the book has the page number and the selected excerpt so you will know exactly what we are drawing on. 

Please sign up, take a look and hope to catch you all listening Monday. 

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