Radio Derb Transcript Up For New Year's Eve: Happy New Year! Looking Back And Forward, Ghislaine, And Banning "Jingle Bells" Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for December 31, 2021. Go here to read or listen.

02m34s  2021:  Looking back.  (Prospects drear.)

13m53s  2022:  Looking forward.  (I guess and fear.)

22m26s  No happy ending for Ghislaine.  (But a big one for the trial lawyers.)

27m09s  Butchering the classics.  (Around the world in 80 woke clichés.)

30m12s  "Jingle Bells" banned.  (Nothing too fanciful and dumb.)

32m27s  A date with Richard Dawkins.  (Fierce partisanship.)

34m39s  ChiComs launch AI prosecutor.  (Computerizing cancellation.)

35m27s  Signoff.  (With Peter Dawson.)

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