DHS Plan Would Allow Foreign Workers to Stay Indefinitely
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These days, it’s hard to keep up with all the creative ways that Washington is working to harm American citizens. In the immigration arena particularly, American interests of national security and citizen employment are being constantly pummeled by open borders and an anti-sovereignty attitude.

One sneaker item was quietly inserted by DHS just before New Years, that foreigners on temporary work visas wouldn’t actually have to leave when their time was up. How convenient for them.

The issue was discussed Saturday morning on Fox News and edged into the topic of national security as well.

MOLLY LINE: A New Year’s gift — the Department of Homeland Security rolled out a plan letting foreign workers in the country on work visas stay indefinitely even after their visas run out. This is the same Department of Homeland Security of course that admits it doesn’t know how many foreign workers actually overstay their visas every year.

TUCKER CARLSON: For more on this is the executive vice president of the Center for Security Policy, Jim Hanson. Jim thanks for joining us. I want to ask you about security in just a sec, but first to the employment part of this. You’ve got workforce participation rates at their lowest level in 40 years. Wages haven’t risen for most workers in this country in over a decade. How will this help American workers with their wages and employment opportunities?

JIM HANSON: Tucker, its gonna un-help American workers with their wages and employment opportunities. If a company has a choice between hiring a foreign worker, who they can dangle the lure of citizenship over and negotiate a cheaper wage, versus an American who’s already got citizenship and doesn’t need that, they’re gonna go with the foreign worker, and they are in large numbers. The Obama administration is just helping them with that.

LINE: And Jim, are the foreign workers actually working for less, so does that give an incentive in their direction?

HANSON: Absolutely, and that’s the advantage to business, that’s why the Chamber of Commerce and a lot of other groups support that type of immigration. The problem is it’s just another example of the Obama administration stopping any legitimate controls on immigration and migration into this country.

CARLSON: Yeah, they don’t believe in borders. I’m sure a lot of the people are good people, just want to work, but some of them may not be good people. How will the US government assure us they can tell the difference?

HANSON: Well they’ve assured us that they cannot tell the difference. The FBI director has admitted that we can’t screen refugees, we can’t screen migrants and if you watched the San Bernardino slaughter, the wife Malik came in on an immigrant visa. All 19 of the 9/11 hijackers came in on some sort of legal visa, and three of them even overstayed their visas and had already broken the law prior to the attack.

LINE: You bring up a great point there. Would these permits — the plan is to issue these permits and then people can stay in the country and we’d eventually for their green cards — would this mean that people would at least be registered versus just simply overstay their visa and hang around?

HANSON: It would be nice if we could actually believe that the Obama administration would allow the security agencies to do their jobs, but they don’t believe in letting them screen people before they come in or watch them after they’ve come in. When Representative Meadows asked that DHS official whether they knew how many people overstayed, he knew the answer. They track it, they just don’t want to admit to the American people that they have over a million overstayed visa personnel in the country that they can’t track and they don’t know what they’re doing.

CARLSON: We hate to think the federal government’s working against the interests of its own country, but it seems that way. Jim Hanson, thanks a lot for that prospective.

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