Despicable Discourse And Dim-Witted Democrats
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When I hear Latino Activists (their label not mine and I still don't know what it means exactly) likening the plight of modern day illegal aliens to say, the struggles of Black slaves or the battle for civil rights I just want to break something.

More to the point, I cannot believe that any American (let alone the NAACP) would stand for it...but we do. some point during the special session hearings and hoopla on immigration reform in the Colorado Legislature this week, one elected official decided to continue this absurd strategy and even take it a step further.

[Some see racism in session by April M. Washington, Rocky Mountain News (7/11/06)]

According to the story in the Rocky Mountain News, "Sen. Dan Grossman, D-Denver, wondered aloud if all Colorado residents would have to be fitted with an identity chip or a gold star much like European Jews were forced to wear under Nazi leader Adolf Hitler."

The State Senator tossed out this zinger...yes, he actually said it outloud:

"I'm going down to my tailor to see if he can sew a gold star on my shirt," said Grossman, who is Jewish.

Yeah, how about instead of a gold star his tailor sews on a giant "I" for IDIOT or maybe a "DQ" for Drama Queen.

The Senator can be reached here if you have any other suggestions.

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