Deportations Plummet as Amnesty Makes Law Enforcement Impossible
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Who could have seen this coming?
Deportations have plummeted by another 25 percent so far this year, with the government even struggling to find enough criminals to kick out of the country, according to the latest statistics that suggest President Obama’s amnesty has hampered removal efforts...

The numbers for the first six months of fiscal year 2015, which began Oct. 1, are striking: The government has deported just 117,181 immigrants, which is just three-quarters of the 157,365 immigrations kicked out during that same period a year earlier, according to figures provided to Congress.

[Illegal immigrant deportations plummet as amnesty hampers removal effortsby Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, April 23, 2015]

However, there is a possible upside, as all hopes of stopping Obama's unilateral amnesty now rely on the courts.
That could undercut Mr. Obama’s legal justification for the deportation amnesty, where the pace of deportations has been raised as a key way of judging whether the president is complying with the law by trying to grant “deferred action” to millions of illegal immigrants.


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