Democrats Side with Terrorists
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Just when you think the Democrats have stooped the lowest they can possibly go (i.e. enthusiastic support for illegal alien amnesty for tens of millions, including terrorists and criminal gang members), they defy common sense, morality and national security to go lower. Apparently the Ds want to allow Muslims to sue Americans who speak up in good faith to authorities when they see an activity that looks like it might be terrorism.

Remember how the Flying Imams are suing individual American passengers who blew the whistle on them for suspicious behavior. Of course, it is not the passengers' call as to who is booted from a flight; it is the captain who decides when the plane is in the air and the police on the ground. The imams' lawsuit is an undisguised threat against citizens, telling them to keep quiet if they see a Muslim doing something that looks criminally threatening — or they will be sued by deep-pocketed Islamist supporters.

Democrats are trying to pull a provision from a homeland security bill that will protect the public from being sued for reporting suspicious behavior that may lead to a terrorist attack, according to House Republican leadership aides.

The legislation, which moves to a House and Senate conference committee this afternoon, will implement final recommendations from the 911 Commission.

Rep. Pete King, New York Republican and ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, and Rep. Steve Pearce, New Mexico Republican, sponsored the bill after a group of Muslim imams filed a lawsuit against U.S. Airways and unknown or "John Doe" passengers after they were removed for suspicious behavior aboard Flight 300 from Minneapolis to Phoenix on Nov. 20 before their removal. [Democrats want 'John Doe' provision cut Washington Times 7/19/07]

Muslim immigration, which includes the intention on the part of some of eventually turning the US into an Islamic country, is accompanied with cultural intimidation of the sort exemplified the politics of this legislation, where citizen protection has been gutted. The Democrats are only increasing the belief among the public that they are weak on national security by such pandering to hostile Islamic interests.

Furthermore, the recent news about the National Intelligence Estimate's conclusion that we are increasingly endangered by another massive attack makes citizen awareness and willingness to speak up more important than ever.

This just in: Rep Roy Blunt's press release on the King provision being pulled...

"National security in a post-9/11 world requires the constant vigilance of the American people, and the courage to stand up and report activity they deem to be unusual or suspicious. That Democrats in the House and Senate would seek to strip a provision protecting Americans from being sued for discharging these important duties is deeply troubling — and is something Republicans in the House will not abide.

The most recent report from Fox News TV is that the language protecting concerned citizens has not been reinserted during the meeting of the conference committee on the bill, despite a public outcry.

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