Xenophobia For Multiculturalists
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Kathy Shaidle at relapsedcatholic.com writes The only people never accused of "Islamophobia"... are the ones who really do fear Islam.

I’m not afraid of radical Islam because I’m ignorant. I hate radical Islam because I know so much about it.

So strictly speaking, I can’t be ”Islamophobic.”

Who does fear radical Islam, though? Cowardly reporters who court terrorists then convert at gunpoint. Every newspaper that refused to run the Danish cartoons. Mealy-mouthed politicians of all parties. School teachers, bureaucrats and other eager appeasers.

What all these people have in common is their fear of Islam — and the fact they are NEVER accused of ”Islamophobia.”

Here's what I'd like to know—is it us at VDARE.com, or Linda Chavez and the Wall Street Journal who are the xenophobes? They're the ones who are afraid of an unstoppable Hispanic powerhouse that Americans will have to adapt to—we're the ones talking about fighting back.

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