Democrats May Be Wary Of Amnesty In Light Of Brown Victory
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One of my favorite sayings in  politics is that even if elected officials are incapable of seeing the light, they can generally feel the heat. The Hill has an item suggesting that Brown's victory/Coakley's epic fail may affect not only Obamacare, but amnesty as well:

Republican victory in Massachusetts could impact more than healthcare
By Ian Swanson - 01/19/10 10:06 PM ET

Republican Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts could be a game-changer on much more than healthcare.

It's not just that the victory deprives Democrats of the 60 Senate votes necessary to leap procedural hurdles. More importantly, it’s a sign that President Barack Obama’s power has diminished, and that voters are unhappy with at least some of his agenda.

The vote could bolster Republicans, who for much of the year have decided that their best strategy is to gather together to vote no against Obama’s agenda.

Democrats, already fractious, are likely to be even more on edge.

Lawmakers already worried about addressing issues such as climate change and immigration may grow more anxious about taking politically dangerous votes in an election year where voters have suggested they are disillusioned with Washington.[More]

Thanks to Gene Nelson for emailing this.

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