Village Voice: Correct Exception on Haiti
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Well… maybe they meant wrong. But worse is better – all patriots know to invert descriptions from the MSM.

Rightbloggers Keep It Sweet on Haiti — Unless You Attack Rush, Are Obama, Etc. By Roy Edroso in Exploring the Right Wing Blogosphere, Featured The Village Voice Monday, Jan. 18 2010


The disaster in Haiti has obsessed both mainstream media and bloggers, and for the most part rightbloggers have been exceptionally well-behaved about it.

And notes cooing (or at least mumblings) by Instapundit, the American Spectator, and National Review

The exception cited is my own initial comment: Obama’s Haitian Aid: Amnesty – and more immigration?

About which VV says

There hasn't been a lot of this sort of thing, yet; as we said, rightbloggers are on good behavior.

Ha! On these issues, the alleged “rightwingers” cited are always on "good behavior".

Polite suggestion to Village Voice:

Coming soon near you: A Haitian Deluge Catholic Church joins “Import Haitians” Aid Scam Wiser Than America: Neighboring Dominicans Refuse Haitian Influx For some really sound – e.g. Patriotic – remarks.

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