Definitive Daniel Horowitz Evisceration Of GOP House Leadership Amnesty "Principles" AKA Betrayal
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H/T One Old Vet

Sadly, it is less than a year ago I posted

When something appalling happens and the need for ferociously caustic invective is intense, there is no point in duplicating Larry Auster - as I realized years ago. Rising alas from his sick bed, he posts today GOP drinks the Kool-Aid

His country has lost the wonderful talents of Larry Auster, but Daniel Horowitz has stepped forward, as he has beforeBoehner Releases Immigration Deform Proposal RedState January 30th, 2014 has much of the same quality to say nothing of incredible industry.

…the long awaited GOP principles on illegal immigration were presented today to the House GOP Conference at their annual [aptly-named] retreat… Their framework is a mirror image of the Senate “Gang of 8” bill, albeit cloaked in even more deceptive and disingenuous language in order to distract conservatives with shiny objects.

Horowitz then ruthlessly dissects this fantastically dishonest document starting with

•    Legalization before amnesty is the key point.  Everything else is window dressing.  Once they are legalized there is no turning back.  There will never be any leverage to implement the universally agreed-upon security measures thereafter.

and going on to

•    There is no mention of a border fence.  A physical fence is the only thing proven to work.  Also, it is not subject to manipulation or “prosecutorial discretion.”  It actually works, and that is why they don’t want it. •    There is no mention of the 800-pound gorilla – the magnets of welfare and unqualified birthright citizenship

Horowitz has done a great job. If you need details, read the whole thing. Personally all I need to read is Senator Chuck Schumer’s comment

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), one of several key senators who led the immigration reform process in that chamber, said with the House GOP leadership’s overhaul blueprint, “the door is open".

“While these standards are certainly not everything we would agree with, they leave a real possibility that Democrats and Republicans, in both the House and Senate, can in some way come together and pass immigration reform that both sides can accept,”

House leaders sell immigration blueprint By SEUNG MIN KIM and JAKE SHERMAN Politico 1/30/14

Yes, that Chuck Schumer.

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