Larry Auster: "GOP Drinks The Kool-Aid"
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When something appalling happens and the need for ferociously caustic invective is intense, there is no point in duplicating Larry Auster - as I realized years ago.

Rising alas from his sick bed, he posts today GOP drinks the Kool-Aid

Words are inadequate to describe the disaster that has now occurred. They are inadequate to describe how obvious is the delusion to which the Republican Party is subscribing supporting amnesty for illegal aliens and by choosing as their official responder to the State of the Union address Marco Rubio, who will deliver his remarks half in Spanish. The Republicans think that by becoming the party which is pro-illegal aliens, pro-legalization of illegal aliens, and pro-Spanish as quasi-official language of the United States, they will save themselves as a party. In fact they are assuring their demise as a party, since every increase in the Hispanic population of the U.S…will mean an increase in the Democrats’ electoral margin over the Republicans…

…And I think the GOP has now also assured its death from another quarter—from white conservatives who will now finally realize that the Republicans do not stand for America but for its undoing. How could any conservative now support the GOP? It deserves to be destroyed.

View from the Right has a following of very intelligent sympathizers, who are likely to sharpen Auster to further incisiveness.

This thread will be well worth watching.

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