David Frum "Obama Would Be a Fool to Pursue Immigration Next"
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David Frum: Straying again!

David Frum has thriftily saved an Obamacare column endangered by the Boehner sell-out by bolting on top a striking immigration policy observation: Obama Would Be a Fool to Pursue Immigration Next The Daily Beast Oct 19, 2013 (Since tellingly retitled as Obama's Immigration Folly.)

Most of this essay is an effective exposition of the view, rarely expressed outside VDARE.com, that Obamacare is Racial Socialism

Why is the debate over the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare—so bitter?

…ACA is not only a big and expensive new entitlement. It’s an entitlement that disproportionately benefits immigrants and people of color: 27 percent of the uninsured are foreign-born. Meanwhile, ACA is financed in ways that disproportionately burden the wealthier and the native-born: through taxes on high earners and through cutbacks in Medicare, a program whose beneficiaries are more than 80 percent native-born white...

It may be highly exaggerated for Tea Party types to think, “Obama is taxing me to give health care to immigrants I didn’t want in this country in the first place.” It’s not, however, entirely inaccurate.

Frum satirizes the Obamacrat attitude

“You know that demographic change that’s making you so hostile to new social welfare programs? Let’s have a lot more of it! And faster!”

NeoCon Prince and punditry entrepreneur David Frum has conducted a rewarding trade in recent years telling (purportedly) fellow Conservatives that the Left is correct about various controversies, as Nicholas Stix noted in David Frum Being NeoCon On The Trayvon Martin Stunt and the much-missed Larry Auster angrily chronicled.

However he has from time to time said some strikingly sensible things about immigration. In 2011 Peter Brimelow wrote David Frum Calls For Immigration Moratorium. Congratulate Him. Continuing this pattern earlier this year resulted in the inevitable in June as I reported in Stein Curse Strikes: David Frum Repressed At The Daily Beast

Now with the Senate bill safely passed Frum appeared to be being allowed to do a Charles Murray and return to his former Judas Goat function.

This quite timid and completely reasonable thought puts him on a very dangerous path.

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