VDare On Auster On Steyn On Frum
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Lawrence Auster has a post called Steyn on Frum, and when I saw it, I thought "That's Auster on Steyn And Frum, I should keep this going." So here is my take:

Steyn has a cheery, lighthearted post on the Frum firing, and Auster has a gloomy, serious post, saying he's trivializing Frum's contempt for actual conservatives.

Both reactions are entirely predictable based on what we know of the two men's temperaments. John Derbyshire sounds more cheerful saying "We Are Doomed" than Auster does saying there is yet hope, while Steyn would be cheerful and witty while being burned at the stake.

Auster has done three other posts on Frum:

He highlights a useful point from an Auster reader from an earlier post:

It's hilarious how open borders Republicans like Frum told us for years that immigrants are social conservatives. We should be delighted that all these people are flooding in from Latin America because of their pro-life and pro-family values. Now that they're here by the millions, we're told that we have to move to the left on those same social issues to placate them.

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