David French: NFL Is “Racist" Because Blacks Are Underrepresented At The Top. Data: Blacks Hold 17 Percent Of Top Positions
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David French has been on something of an “anti-racist” tear for a while, and for those who don’t know, he finds warrant in Holy Scripture to declare that “systemic racism” is a real and serious problem whites are obliged to repair. So his latest implicitly anti-white fulmination, that professional football is “racist” because whites are still running the league they created, is nothing if not predictable [The NFL Has a ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ Problem, Atlantic, February 3, 2022]. 

“Systems and structures designed by racists for racist reasons are often maintained by nonracists for nonracist reasons,” he wrote in discussing the 58-page class-action lawsuit that Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores has filed against the league and myriad teams.

The shakedown complaint says the racist league does not employ “enough” black coaches and general managers. Ever the virtue-signaller, French agrees:

The statistical evidence demonstrates extraordinary underrepresentation of Black coaches and executives. While 70 percent of NFL players are Black, only one out of 32 teams employs a Black head coach; six out of 32 teams employ a Black general manager.

In fact, the lawsuit’s own data refute its premise.

Of the NFL’s 1,696 players, almost 1,200 are black. If the league mirrored American demographics—blacks are about 12.4 percent of the population—fewer than 215 players would be black. As well, almost 20 percent of the general managers are black, as French admits. 

Ignoring the lawsuit’s anecdotal claims and focusing on other figures shows that blacks, relative to their share of the population, are overrepresented in most coaching and management jobs:

  • Only 1 of the NFL’s 32 teams (3%) employs a Black Head Coach;
  • Only 4 of the NFL’s 32 teams (12%) employ a Black Offensive Coordinator;
  • Only 11 of the NFL’s 32 teams (34%) employ a Black Defensive Coordinator;
  • Only 8 of the NFL’s 32 teams (25%) employ a Black Special Teams Coordinator;
  • Only 3 of the NFL’s 32 teams (9%) employ a Black Quarterback Coach; and
  • Only 6 of the NFL’s 32 teams (19%) employ a Black General Manager.

In other words, the only datum out of line is the first. Overall, blacks hold 17 percent of the positions listed.

Now let’s look at some data with which French is surely familiar. Since 2000, cops have arrested NFL players—again 70 percent of whom are black—more than 1000 times. That’s one arrest a week every week for 20 years. This year already, cops have arrested seven black NFL stars [NFL player arrests database: Records since 2000, USA Today

The most shocking crime of late: in November, a drunken Las Vegas Raiders star, Henry Ruggs, wound his Corvette up to almost 160 mph and slammed into a woman motorist, police allege. She and her dog burned to death [Coroner: Woman killed in ex-Raider crash burned to death, by Ken Ritter, Associated Press, December 14, 2021]. 

Black felons have wrecked the reputation of the NFL. So they are overrepresented on that measure of success, too.

If French is willing to pin the blame for “systemic racism” on whites as a group, and cite the Bible as his authority, maybe he should also pin the blame for violent interracial crime on blacks as a group, and cite the Bible as his authority.

He can start with a meditation on black criminals in the NFL.



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