Daniel Horowitz Gets It: Obama Has Eliminated America's Border
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Today’s must-read Daniel Horowitz essay Stopping Obama's Amnesty is the Battle of Our Time Conservative Review December 30th, 2014 has a congenial phrase

…the situation we face is even more precarious than the imminent amnesty for those illegals already here.  We now have de facto open borders as Obama has completely shut down all enforcement – both at the border and in the interior.

(VDARE.com bolding)

It is always pleasing when somebody one respects arrives at the same conclusion: I discussed this fact last in October: Obama’s Hispanic Immigration Chief Arrogantly Flaunts “No Borders” Policy.

Horowitz notes

Needless to say, with deportations all but eliminated, and the promise of amnesty and welfare clear and present, there is a new rush for the border.  These people might come from impoverished areas and developing countries, but they are all social media savvy and are familiar with the fact that 99% of recent illegal immigrants are still in the United States … as the Tucson Sentinel observes, this is not just a surge of unaccompanied minors; there has been an even greater and steadier increase in the number of family units crossing.

He places the blame where it belongs

Boehner and McConnell, through their appeasement of this president’s malfeasance, are complicit in a new and growing wave of illegal immigration – one which will swamp our welfare, health care, and education system...

and lays out a series of counter attack ideas, concluding

…within the decade, Democrats will create a permanent majority by turning a number of states into California.  At that point, no other issue will matter because we will lack the votes to affect change on any policy that conservatives care about in the long run.

If your Republican senator or congressman is not committed to stopping Obama’s amnesty as the top priority for next year, he or she is just as much a part of the problem as the president himself.

No wonder Daniel Horowitz was purged from RedState and the Madison Project and banished to the obscure start up  Conservative Review! In the past two weeks while he and his colleagues have posted several excellent pieces on Obamnesty RedState has published nothing on this crucial matter. They even managed to avoid mentioning the subject in their perfunctory report on Jeff Sessions being denied the Budget Chairmanship. Currently their main interest appears to be lynching Steve Scalise. (The Madison Project seems to be dormant.)

RedState is a NeoCon Dog-Whistling fraud

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