D’Abrosca On Tucker Carlson: Is Immigration Moratorium Concept Finally Breaking Through?
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I'm happy to say that, in last Tuesday's livestream kicking off our year-end fundraising drive (donate here!), I commented that I had some success in 2015 by predicting "all it would take to get this issue [immigration] into politics is one speech" (actually, it was just one sound bite) and that I thought the concept of an immigration moratorium was similarly about to erupt into public consciousness. Right on cue, on Friday night, December 6, Fox TV's Tucker Carlson ran an interview with Peter d"Abrosca, Editor of The Rundown, who is primarying cheap labor lobby handmaiden GOP Rep. David Rouzer in North Carolina's 7th district specifically on  the issue of an immigration moratorium.

I proposed an immigration moratorium (I used the term "time-out") on page 262 of my book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster back in 1995. The first mention of "immigration moratorium" on VDARE.com that a quick search has turned up is from 2000. More VDARE.com discussions of an immigration moratorium (332 items!) are here. Yet there was, for example, essentially no mention of an anti-unemployment immigration moratorium during the 2008-9 Great Recession. Thanks to d'Abrosca, Tucker Carlson and a few more (Ann Coulter here, Michelle Malkin here), that ban will be more difficult to maintain when the next recession hits. Which is why Treason Lobby hacks are so mad

The d'Abrosca-Carlson segment lasts only just over three minutes and there is obviously a limit to what could be said. I do think, however, that the time has also come to eschew economic arguments, valid theough they are, in favor of the political arguments: why should Americans in general, and the GOP in particular, import people who will vote to replace them?

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