Could Impeachment, Moratorium, Cost McCain Another $16 million?
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When news broke last fall that Senator John McCain was in trouble against challenger J.D. Hayworth, I wrote:

This would be a perfect storm for immigration patriots and a terrible blow to the Treason Lobby. We can be sure that...John McCain is is going to have NO DIFFICULTY raising campaign funds

Of course, I was right. The current conventional wisdom—before Wednesday's judicial putsch against SB 1070—is that McCain, who has performed one of the most spectacular 180s in U.S. political history on illegal immigration, is turning back Hayworth's challenge—but look at this shrewd analysis from The Upshot's Holly Bailey:

For a little while this past spring, it looked like John McCain’s re-election bid might be in serious trouble. There was that widely mocked immigration ad and a campaign shake-up, and his poll numbers weren’t as high as they used to be.

Well, that’s not a problem anymore. Three weeks before the GOP primary, polls find McCain with an average 20-point lead over his opponent, Rep. J.D. Hayworth.

But it’s a lead that McCain paid heavily for. According to his most recent campaign filings, McCain spent more than $10 million over the last three months, bringing his total spent on the race to just over $16 million. By comparison, Hayworth has spent just $1.5 million on the race.

McCain tops the polls in Arizona, but it cost him, July 27, 2010

$16 million is nearly three dollars per head in Arizona—and the general election campaign hasn't even begun. It's maybe thirty times VDARE.COM's budget—and we're tax-deductible! It will be very interesting to see where this money came from.

Bailey drives the point home:

But the bigger story is how McCain’s spending tended to undercut the message that his campaign operatives tried to peddle to reporters covering the campaign. For months, McCain officials laughed off Hayworth as a joke of a challenger – something that the polls would seem to confirm today. But money talks in politics – and it's clear by the McCain camp's exorbitant spending that its strategists viewed Hayworth as a serious threat, especially against the backdrop of other GOP incumbent losses.

My suggestion to J.D. Hayworth: dare McCain to commit to an impeachment vote against liberal enforcer "Judge" Susan Bolton! Demand he commit to an unemployment-reducing moratorium on legal immigration!

Make McCain's donors spend another $16 million!

Don't let them give it to the $PLC!

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