Coordinated MSM Attempt To Blame "White Supremacy" For Massage Parlor Gunman
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Aaron Long, the mass murderer who killed eight people (six Asian, one white, and one Hispanic) in  Atlanta massage parlors says that he wasn't motivated by racism, but by "Sex Addiction." What that means is that like Jeffrey Dahmer, who also had Asian victims and who also denied racism, he didn't hate Asian women—he loved them.

The question with the headlines below is: is this a coordinated attack, based on Democratic Party talking points,  or Journolist-style MSM conspiracy (the 2007 Journolist email group that helped elect Obama was not a conspiracy theory, it was a literal conspiracy) or is it just mental illness—they can't help themselves? 

In the case of the modern MSM, we should never attribute to stupidity or mental illness what can be adequately explained by malice.  See my  “It’s All A Damned Conspiracy”—When Black-On-White Murders Contradict The Narrative, The MSM Doesn’t Want You To Know.

I'll show you some screenshots below, but here are some things you should consider:

Here is what people who don't read are seeing from the MSM:






NY Daily News:

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