Colbert on Michael Steele: "That`s Insane..."
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March 21, 2009, 05:06 PM
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Other issues have seemed more important recently than the gerrymandered election of Michael Steele to be Chairman of the Republican National Committee: but this fiasco is developing on schedule.

Apart from being on the receiving end of a half-way reasonable joke on The Huffington Post (Michael Steele Punk`d by Dead Vikings Josh Dorner March 20 2009)

Michael Steele may actually in fact be the first person in history to fall for Erik the Red`s scheme [of mis-naming Greenland to disguise its barrenness].

Steele was also the inspiration of a brilliant satire by Steve Colbert featuring the two in a Rap competition.

Colbert Slays GOP`s Steele in Rap Battle, Video Remix By Scott Thrill March 20 2009

Steele`s appearance was a collage of clips of actual appearences. Colbert`s own performance was virtuoso.

But the best is Colbert`s concluding comment

A Conservative leader like me, trying to appeal to a hip-hop audience? That`s insane!

Worth watching.

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Michael Steele`s Rap Battle Response
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