Clock Boy Lawsuit Against Irving (TX) School Board Dismissed:
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A discrimination lawsuit  brought by Clock Boy Ahmed Mohammed (who was arrested for bringing a mockup of a briefcase bomb to school) was dismissed. [Federal Judge Tosses 'Clock Kid' Ahmed Mohamed's Discrimination Lawsuit, by Ryan Grenoble, HuffPost, May 19, 2017] Sometimes there is justice.

For lots of details about this story that the MSM buried, one has to read the comments. Sample

Why not mention that he allowed the alarm clock to go off several times during class? Why not also mention he was repeatedly told to put it away because it could cause alarm? How about the fact that two WHITE girls had previously been suspended for bringing an alarm clock to school and allowing it to go off? or even the fact that he merely gutted a store bought clock and put it in another case?
The kid was not dismissed from school for three days because he was Muslim; he was dismissed because he's a trouble-making punk.

But, hey, he got invited to the White House by President Obama.

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