Churches Choose Sanctuary Aliens According to Sob Stories
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Church leaders in Los Angeles and elsewhere are constructing Elvira-villes (the opposite of Arpaiovilles) within their buildings as little illegal alien barrios in order to thwart the American justice system. After all, they're the churchy guys, and they believe they know better than mere citizens.

Priests and pastors are basing their sob story strategy on the continuing church occupation of Elvira Arellano, the convicted felon who is avoiding arrest by lounging among the Methodist pews in Chicago.

But there's not enough room in the inn, er church, for everyone who wants to avoid La Migra, so choices must be made. And churchies are choosing based on the sob stories with the highest sniffle value.

"We're choosing them for their personal stories," she said, "but we're training them in how to respond to questions about their plights." [L.A. church offers migrants sanctuary, Los Angeles Times 3/23/07]

Nice they admit their objective is to manipulate the media rather than do misguided good works!

And also to end lawful enforcement of US immigration law: "We have to stop the raids," stated priest Richard Estrada of Our Lady Queen of Angels in downtown LA.

Incidentally, the word "plight" in combination with "immigrant" can pull up some fascinating sob stories on Google and GoogleNews if you are an aficionado of such things.

Spreaking of amnesty Los Angeles style, check out the Mexico-celebrating outfit of the pedophile protector hypocrite Cardinal Roger Mahony. Roger Mahony in Virgin of Guadalupe cassock

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