Deportees Not a Big Enough Drain On Taxpayers?...!!
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As an aficionado of illegal alien sob stories, I read with interest this standard-issue item ["Family that built life in Kern faces deportation", by Rosemary Ortiz, Bakersfield Californian, January 6 2005] about Mexican nationals being repatriated.

The parents and older son had broken in to the U.S. 14 years ago and now were being given a one-way ticket from Bakersfield back to Nayarit. The story had the appealing family photo with cutesy kids (two were born in America—citizens!).

But buried deep in this melodrama was a shocker—the Chavez family was too healthy for its own immigration status good!

If their sob story had been more extreme—and medical—they likely could have remained in the generous USA.

"The Chavezes' lawyer told them in cases such as theirs, U.S.-born children with some type of mental or physical problem have a better chance at winning legal residency [BW emphasis] for their parents."

That's just great!

California has $26 billion of budget-related debt (not counting the $30 billion in bonds for school construction, etc.). Yet the economically psychotic do-gooders in the immigration bureaucracy are actually continuing to recruit more illegal alien medical cases for the taxpayers to underwrite.

When you are in a hole, the first step toward recovery is to stop digging

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