Illegal Alien Bank Robber Not A Master Of Disguise
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There was a time when many Americans, including me, most likely would have felt sorry for Nicolas Navarrete, the 43-year-old illegal alien who was just sentenced to 40 years in one of Uncle Sam's slammers for trying to rob his bank while wearing his wife's wig.{Man gets 40-year sentence for robbery, By David Doege,Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, March 22.

Then I might have figured, given the reasons cited by Navarrete's attorney explaining his client's odd behavior, well, this poor guy just snapped under the strain. Today, however, with 12 to 20 million illegals demanding this or whining about that, I can only say to Navarrete what a drill sergeant once said to yours truly and other young recruits when they complained that certain aspects of Basic Training were "difficult":]

"If you're looking for sympathy, you'll find it in the dictionary between suicide and syphilis."

Even Navarrete's attorney, Anthony Rosario, was left scratching his head over his client's goofy attempt to disguise himself after getting the idea from a TV show:

"He walks into a bank where almost everybody knows him to rob it," Rosario said. "It just makes no sense at all. "To see him standing there with this wig on is almost laughable," Rosario said of photos taken of his client by bank surveillance cameras. "One of the bank employees said, 'What is Mr. Navarrete doing with that silly wig on?' "

What sold an unsympathetic judge on the need to put Navarrete away for a longer stretch than what he might have received for, say, just handing a teller a note and demanding money, was Navarrete's admitted attempt to kill the police officers who were trying to stop him after he had fled the bank:

"When I look at the circumstances, it would be difficult for me to overstate how serious this was," District Attorney Brad Schimel told Dreyfus . . . "After the chase was over, he was going nowhere, but he continued firing wildly." Speaking in Spanish through an interpreter and apparently unaware of the seriousness of his crime, a weepy Navarrete offered, "I was out of my senses," and begged the judge to allow him to return to his native Mexico.

"I'd just like a chance," he said. That's all I ask here."

Forget it, bub. And I hope you think real hard about whether you want to show up in the exercise yard wearing that wig.

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