Chinese Immigrant With "Mission Impossible" Mask To Be Bailed Out By Supermarket Worker?
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I mentioned this story in Return Of The Mission Impossible Mask—you didn't use to be able to get masks this good. Left is what this guy looks like in real life, right is what he looked like boarding the plane in Hong Kong:

Masked migrant blames 'snakehead'


Last Updated: February 4, 2011 5:44am

VANCOUVER - The young Chinese man who boarded a flight here from China disguised as an elderly Caucasian man said he lied to border officials because a "snakehead," or human smuggler, told him to.

The man was speaking at an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing Thursday, where adjudicator Anita Merai-Schwartz reserved her decision on whether to allow a Toronto man to post a $5,000 bond so the young man could be released.

The Toronto man apparently came to Canada legally in 2003 as a skilled worker with a background in computer programming. Canada Border Services Agency representative Jim Murray was skeptical about his ability to post the bond because he is a $22,000-a-year supermarket employee.

He is a friend of the migrant's father and volunteered to give him a place to stay. Murray opposes the application for fear the migrant will skip his refugee hearings.[More]

So apparently the man offering to bail out the guy who tried to sneak into Canada in a mask is a member of Canada's Chinese community who came to Canada to displace a tech worker (the Canadian equivalent of H-1B) but that didn't work out, so now he's displacing a Canadian supermarket employee who would be making $22, 000 a year—if he had a job.

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