Election Consequence: Obama Starts Praying
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In his first year in office, President Obama made an important statement by not observing the National Day of Prayer, causing Peter Brimelow to predict

...this kind of miscue is inevitable in the Obama Administration. It wasn‘t elected by Americans who respect things like National Days of Prayer - that is to say, the historic American nation - and has almost no contact with them.

No Obama National Day of Prayer...Because There’s No Nation? 8 May 2009 This year something — the MidTerms? — has caused him to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, pose for a goofy photograph, but to his great credit not misstate the facts:

He talked about his father, a "nonbeliever" whom he met just once. His mother grew up "with a certain skepticism about organized religion" and rarely took him to church. Yet she "was also one of the most spiritual people that I ever knew...it's because of her that I came to understand the equal worth of all men and all women, and the imperatives of an ethical life, and the necessity to act on your beliefs."

Obama provides insights into his faith at National Prayer Breakfast By Michael A. Memoli Los Angeles Times February 3, 2011 These ethical imperatives included two inter-racial marriages, avoiding living in America, and abandoning her son to be brought up by her parents half way across the Pacific. My own view, as expressed in Why the National Prayer fiasco? Because Obama dislikes American Christians:

...the explanation for all this is perfectly simple, and is obvious to anyone who has read Steve Sailer’s America’s Half Blood Prince. Obama dislikes America, Americans, and anything redolent of America such as public respect for Christianity. Furthermore he has no religious impulses himself. Steve devoted two chapters of AHBP to Obama’s approach to religion, Chapter 8 Making a Religion out of Race and Chapter 9 Rev. Dr Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. The conclusion: the only thing Obama feels about (other than himself) is race. Wright’s ...Christ” is exclusively about Black Identity. Other than that, ...Obama...from an early age, has had little spiritual inclination, as the term is commonly understood. “(AHBP P144).

(President Obama was willing to attend prayer gatherings that year — if not white.) Obama’s MSM friends are making quite a PR effort for him over this Prayer Breakfast. Stock up on anti-nausea pills: this is going to get worse.

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