Cantor, Scared Of Primary, Goes Zuckerberg On Amnesty
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Cantor Ad

The Big Lie

Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader and “Mr. Amnesty” in the words of a recent correspondent is apparently scared of his Primary opponent Dave Brat – and of the immigration issue. So he has responded by doing a Zuckerberg – vociferously and flatly lying about his stance. That is what Zuckerberg did for Renee Ellmers.


This has outraged Mickey Kaus who has posted an extensive and powerful denunciation Will Virginia GOPs be fooled? The Daily Caller 5/27/2014

A week after lobbyist Haley Barbour praised Cantor for his commitment to passing an immigration amnesty–and claimed that Republican voters support it – Cantor dropped a mailer into GOP voters’ boxes claiming that he’s … a fighter against amnesty!
illustrated with the above.

The reality of course is that Cantor was the first GOP “Leader” to break ranks on Administrative Amnesty for young illegals, a highly odiferous development as I noted in Cantor's Dream Amnesty Betrayal: Did Sheldon Adelson's $5 Million Play A Role? and James Fulford thoroughly discussed in Cantor’s KIDS Act—The “D” Stands For “Donor”

Money clearly influences Cantor on the question but James raised the possibility of an equally serious defect in Is Domino’s Pizza Money Buying Eric Cantor—Or Is He Betraying Party And Country For Free? As far back as 2009 in Is Eric Cantor (R-VA) any good? I pointed out his voting record on immigration showed no commitment to restraining the transformation of America, just a mild preference for seeing it done legally.

Kaus I think correctly smells rodents in the recent news flow

I thought it was weird when, a few weeks ago, Cantor put out an angry press release attacking Obama on immigration after what appeared to have been a pleasant phone call with the President.  Cantor couldn’t be staging this fake fit in order to use it later in the campaign, could he?

… Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the Dems’ most flamboyant pro-amnesty crusader, has announced plans to hold a pro-legalization event in Cantor’s Richmond, Virginia ‘backyard’ tomorrow.  This comes after other amnesty advocates decided to denounce Cantor by name as “the No. 1 guy standing between the American people and immigration reform.”  It sure looks like Gutierrez (who has, after all, gone on tour with Cantor in support of immigration reform) and his allies realize that a shocking Cantor primary defeat would effectively kill off amnesty this year. So they’ve gone into action to help their friend win by setting him up as an anti-amnesty giant — a message that conveniently dovetails with Cantor’s mailer.

This last stunt also aroused the suspicions of Immigration news flow expert One Old Vet who posted Red Herring? ILLEGALS Blame Cantor for No Amnesty Legislation asking
Why Does OOV Suspect This a “Red Herring” You Ask?
and linking to Eric Cantor Supports 'Principle' of ENLIST Act, Says Bill Not Dead by Tony Lee 21 May 2014

That Cantor is frightened enough of the Immigration issue and Dave Brat is heartening. Kaus sadly concludes Brat desperately needs money.

Money and lies. The Adelzuck Party’s 2014 platform.

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