Mark Zuckerberg + Congresscritter Renee Ellmers (NC2) = Dishonesty And Treason
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M. Zuckerberg: "Dupe Serfs, buy Pols - money is great!

Resurfacing, I observe Mickey Kaus has done yet another wonderful piece at The Daily Caller: Deus Ex Zuckina 03/19/2014

This is about Mark Zuckerberg’s intervention in the Republican Primary in North Carolina’s 2cnd Congressional District, a race I discussed last weekend in Cheap Labor Lobby Housemaid Ellmers (NC-2) Calls In Amnesty Activists: Ingraham Ripostes . Kause opens -

Inveterate innovator Mark Zuckerberg continues to shake up the Beltway by carving out new frontiers of sleaze on the political advertising front…

Basically, what we have here is 1) pro-amnesty Democrat Joe Green  (the Zuck ex-roomie who runs his funding an ad that 2) seems to be from anti-amnesty conservatives, designed to 3) deceptively boost pro-amnesty Ellmers by portraying her as 4) the “no amnesty, period’ candidate.  Bold!

Kaus then notes

In fact, Ellmers has explicitly come out in favor of legalization and a subsequent path to citizenship for currently undocumented immigrants.** (She’s being challenged in her primary by Frank Roche, who says he’ll “work to block the type of comprehensive immigration reform and amnesty for illegal immigrants being debated.” ** –Ellmers went even further and embraced what is basically a work-based open-borders philosophy:”If an individual wants to come to this country to work … he should be allowed to do so.  Our focus  should be on his intent, not his circumstance.”

Ellmers, who took the 2cnd District from the Democrats in 2010 masquerading as a Tea Party candidate, has simply and contemptibly obeyed the Cheap Labor Lobby. Kaus sensibly focuses on the Zuckerberg phenomenon.
This is beyond an “astroturf” campaign, where business  interests fund phony “grass roots” campaigns that agree with them.  This is astrofraud, with business interests funding campaigns that seem to disagree with them (but actually don’t).When the Koch Brothers secretively bankroll a campaign, do they pretend to be Democrats and then boast about the liberal credentials of a candidate who has in fact pledged to be conservative?

(As he notes, the Kochs are of course pro-Amnesty)

The reality seems to be that Zuckerberg's instincts are to lie and cheat as his national Amnesty ads have consistently shown. Kaus concludes

The basic vision seems to be that Zuckerberg and Green have so much money  at their disposal that they can swoop in, adopt whatever fictive persona they want, and dupe anyone of any ideology into producing the outcome they want.

As the poor Winklevoss twins discovered, Mark Zuckerberg is clearly not someone with whom any sensible or decent person should do business. That goes for all Congresscritters - and voters too!

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