California Governator Eyeballs Increased School Spending
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California has a budget shortfall of $14 billion, but generous Governor Schwarzenegger is considering an expensive new plan to improve the state's troubled schools. A large chunk of the increase is targeted at children who do not speak English:
Some legislators familiar with the report are also pessimistic about the prospects of implementing the panel's recommendations, which include two costly initiatives: $1.1 billion to expand pre-school programs with free day-care and all-day kindergarten and $5 billion for a program for poor students who are learning English. [ School reforms price tag: $6 billion San Jose Mercury News, Jan 4 2008]
That's $5 billion in addition to what is already being spent to teach English to foreign kiddies. California now pays a stunning $66 billion on general education costs for K-12, half of the entire budget.

But no amount of taxpayer money will ever be enough to bring California schools up to previous standards as long as education-disinterested Mexicans are allowed to keep coming.

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