Brooke Baldwin, Boobs, And The First Amendment—Have Boobs Ever Let HER Down?
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With Brooke Baldwin having a temper tantrum after guest Clay Travis said that there were two things that have never let him down—“the First Amendment and boobs"—it's worth asking "Have boobs ever let Brooke Baldwin down?"

She was, after all, listed on as one of 24 News Anchors Who Will Make Your Jaw Drop, with the picture above the headline.  Now it's true that CNN doesn't go in as much for what TVTropes call "Shameless Fanservice" as Univision does, but it's clear that her success—relative success, this is the first I've heard of her—is due in part to her looks.

The clickbait site I referenced says

Destined to be a reporter after a double bachelor’s in journalism, Brooke host the daily CNN newsroom and is known for her fit lifestyle and love of long boots!

Fit lifestyle means that a Google Image search for "Brooke Baldwin" looks like this:

Note that there are whole sections on "Beach" and "Boots".

Here she is attending Fashion Group International's 31st Annual "Night of Stars" at Cipriani Wall:

And below is NRO's Jay Nordlinger being typically uptight, as well as some less uptight people on Twitter.


So while Clay Travis was just referencing the cause of Freedom Of Speech—and boobs—in general, rather than Ms. Baldwin's own, I'm going to ask again "Have boobs ever let Brooke Baldwin down?" And how does she feel about Freedom Of Speech?

On Freedom Of Speech, she feels it's the Current Year: Brooke Baldwin: Speaking like this to women in 2017? No way, By Brooke Baldwin, CNN Anchor, September 16, 2017.

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