Border Agents Shoot, Stop Human Smuggler Who Tried To Kill Them
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When the Biden Regime stops Title 42 public health expulsions at the border and imports at least 18,000 illegal aliens per day, expect the human smuggling problem at the southwest border to worsen. A lot. And state and federal authorities will face much greater physical danger, as Texas troopers and deputies learned recently when a smuggler attempted to murder them. 

A “juvenile” smuggler was trying to move five illegals into the country when the cops began the chase, a source told Breitbart writer and former border agent Randy Clark [EXCLUSIVE: Juvenile Human Smuggler Shot After West Texas Police Chase near Border, May 9, 2022].

“The shooting occurred when authorities spotted a suspicious vehicle near Brackettville, Texas, early Monday. The driver of the white Ford sedan led a 10-mile pursuit on Farm to Market Road 674 in rural Kinney County,” Clark reported:

[T]he driver, believed to be a juvenile U.S. citizen from San Antonio, pulled off the roadway before five suspected migrants fled onto a nearby ranch. …

[T]he smuggler drove his vehicle toward Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and a Kinney County Sheriff’s deputy. Police fired several shots at the driver to avoid being run over, according to the source. The driver was struck multiple times and taken into custody.

Cops caught three of the “migrants.”

This isn’t the first time a smuggler tried to injure or kill border agents. In February, a smuggler with 10 illegals in his vehicle landed a 41-month prison term for crashing through a checkpoint in Jamul, California [Smuggler who Assaulted Border Patrol Agents with his Car Sentenced to Prison,, February 9, 2022].

Juan Francisco Sanchez-Campos committed myriad crimes, not least what appears to be the attempted murder of border agents:

Sanchez-Campos rammed four agents’ vehicles in an attempt to flee, and the agents eventually disabled his vehicle using a box-in maneuver. … [F]our Border Patrol agents sustained serious injuries, including, but not limited to, shoulder, back, hip, and neck injuries necessitating ongoing medical treatment.

Despite all that, he was charged with just one count of assaulting a federal officer.

The assaults won’t likely decrease as May 23 approaches. That’s when Title 42 expulsions are slated to end. Knowing they stand a good chance to be released, more illegals will try to cross the border. And that means more smugglers will reap even greater financial rewards for every illegal they sneak past the Border Patrol.

The incentive to harm or kill border agents will certainly increase.

But more attacks will also provide another article for the GOP’s impeachment of Joe Biden for high crimes and misdemeanors against the United States.

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