Black Voting Rights Bureacrat Uses Government Funds To "Facilitate A Physical Relationship"—"They Didn’t Even Take Away His Government Credit Card"
October 06, 2011, 07:17 PM
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Via Pajamas Media, which had a bad link to the original story, I see a story about a Justice Department employee, Voting Rights Division, who 

"used taxpayer travel funds to finance his romance with a woman who is the president of an unidentified organization. His punishment? A 7-day suspension! They didn’t even take away his government credit card."

That`s the PJ Tatler version, the original story is Taxpayers financed Justice official’s romantic travel, By Chuck Neubauer The Washington Times, October 6, 2011.Of course, what I always want to know in cases like this is whether the perpetrator is a member of a minority group, because the newspapers have a deliberate policy of not telling you.

The story names Darryl Foster as the man who really shouldn`t have a government credit card, and his LinkedIn profile says that he`s a member of "Blacks in Government" and is a Prince Hall Mason, so that answers that question. He`s black.

Of course, in the Voting Rights section of the Justice Department, he`s probably not a minority. Black are massively overrepresented in the federal civil service.