Congressman Mo Brooks Repeats: Help American Workers By Evicting Illegals
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America's new champion: Rep Mo Brooks

At a bleak time, when the patriotic immigration reform cause seems in the ditch in Congress due to cowardice and (probably) corruption, a new champion has stepped forward: Congressman Mo Brooks (AL -5th).

Following his valiant speech last month to Congress:

“There is a surefire way to create jobs now for American Citizens: evict all illegal aliens from America and immediately open up millions of jobs for American citizens. That also forces blue collar wages up, helping millions of American families…"

Brooks has followed up with the above interview with Greta Van Susteren.

It is very impressive. The Congressman knows the territory. Arguing that a

“…quick way to create jobs in America is to remove those illegal aliens from our communities. That frees up 7.4 million jobs that Americans can seek...”

he refused to be intimidated by illegal immigrant/US citizen children sob story

“I expect their parents to take care of them…that’s not the Government’s responsibility.”

Furthermore he forthrightly rejected the lack of willing American workers argument:

“We used to have food picked, and we used to have houses built and and we used to have chickens properly processed- and it was Americans who did it…the employers are going to have to elevate the wages in order to attract American workers.”

Brooks advocates a “sound E-Verify program" : Evidently, like Lou Barletta, he is dubious of Lamar Smith’s bill and has introduced his own which

"Authorizes states and their political subdivisions to enact and enforce laws that help identify illegal aliens, deter illegal aliens from entering the United States, apprehend illegal aliens, or encourage or cause illegal aliens to leave the United States."

Brooks is clearly headed for the MSM Blacklist. Patriots should circulate this brave interview widely.

(Note to Congressman Brook’s staff: How about a transcript? Many cannot risk listening much of their day.)

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