Black Harvard Students Demand to be Above the Law for Being Black, Harvard
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From the New York Times:

Video Shows Police Tackling and Punching Black Harvard Student


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The Cambridge police have launched an internal investigation into an incident on Friday night in which officers tackled and punched a black Harvard student they were trying to arrest as he stood naked in the median of a busy street.

According to the Theory of Intersectionality, your lack of privilege is the sum, or perhaps product (Intersectional theorists aren’t really into math), of all the Marginalized boxes you can check. Is “Harvard student” one of those boxes?

Apparently so.

Back in medieval times, there were constant gown vs. town riots, with the gowns demanding special privileges to be immune from the town’s justice. In 20th Century Latin America, universities generally offered sanctuary privileges and local police weren’t allowed to enter the campus. A young Fidel Castro would lead his gang from the dorm to rob a bank, then careen back to campus in their getaway car, just ahead of the police, who couldn’t follow them home.

So it’s only traditional for black Harvard students to want legal privileges for being black and a Harvard student.

The police, who released a video of the scene on Sunday amid complaints about the officers’ conduct, said that the student, Selorm Ohene, 21, was apparently high on drugs and acting in an aggressive and unruly manner when they approached him and tried to calm him down. He came at them, the police said, with clenched fists.

The video of the incident shows a few police officers standing in a circle around Mr. Ohene for several moments. As he stepped toward one officer, a second officer dove at his legs from behind, the video shows, and Mr. Ohene and the officers fell to the ground. Mr. Ohene could be heard crying out at that point. At least one officer then could be seen punching Mr. Ohene, and the police have acknowledged that an officer punched him five times in the stomach.

Hey, they didn’t shoot him. And they punched him in the stomach with a fist, which isn’t likely to do much permanent damage, rather than hit him on his Harvard skull with a nightstick. Seems like old-fashioned policework rather than the modern “I’m going home to my family this evening” BLAM-BLAM approach.
The Harvard Black Law Students Association, some of whose members witnessed the scene, disputed the police account and said the officers acted without provocation.

“We demand that the officers who assaulted this man while he was naked, fully subdued and bleeding on the ground be investigated and held accountable,” the group said in a statement.

Harvard’s president, Drew Faust, said Monday that while she did not yet know all the facts, the incident was “profoundly disturbing,” especially as it occurred against “the backdrop of increasingly urgent questions about race and policing in the United States.” …

Good job, Doctor Faust.
Mr. Ohene was standing naked in the middle of Massachusetts Avenue around 9 p.m. Friday. The police said Mr. Ohene’s friends reported that he had taken a hallucinogenic drug, although that could not be independently verified. …

In its statement, the student group called on Harvard to form a crisis team to deal with emergencies without involving the police and demanded an investigation into the officers’ conduct.

A Gown Squad, as it were.

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