Black Gunman Murders Black Female Grocery Clerk Over Mask Argument, NYT Readers Blame Tucker, Trump
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Objections to mask mandates are associated with Trump voters rather than the left. However, since Memorial Day of last year, one section of the Democratic voting public has been ramping up its objections to obeying any rules at all to the max.

This New York Times story about a killing over a mask argument gives no hint of which it is, and would probably cause NYT readers to blame rednecks and loose Georgia gun laws.

Man Kills Georgia Grocery Worker in Mask Argument, Police Say

A suspect and a deputy sheriff working off duty were wounded as they exchanged gunfire in a suburb of Atlanta, the authorities said.

, The New York Times, June 14, 2021

A blog called Scallywags And Vagabonds does a better job here.

The NYT gave the names of the deceased victim, LaQuitta Johnson, obviously a black woman. Scallywags And Vagabonds provides her picture.

The NYT gave the name of the shooter, Victor Lee Tucker, Jr., 30, of Palmetto, Georgia, which could be a white man. Scallywags And Vagabonds provides his picture.

This Tweet is from a woman who seems to know the victim is black...but thinks the gunman is white. As Steve Sailer says, Black, Lives Matter = Black Lives Murdered.


And this one, which got a lot of attention, is from someone who thinks the gunman is somone who looks like Tucker Carlson, rather than than, say, a memberber of the Wu-Tang Clan.


And this one is just ignorant. And when I say ignorant, I mean she thinks that if the gunman were black, they would have told her.

https www nytimes com 2021 06 14 us georgia-shooting-grocery-store-mask html - Twitte[---]

That's the same thing that happened with the Virginia Beach massacre, in which a black city employee shot a bunch of white city employees, and I wrote that

many Americans still get all their news from legacy MSM sources.

Which means that many, many, people who’ve heard about this case almost certainly believe that a white man did it.

Like this lady--she probably hated white males already, but here she's the victim of MSM suppression. She assumes that if the longtime city employee wasn't white, they would have said so:

[Tweet (deleted after two days of protests) | Archive]

This why we object to this "not reporting race" custom of the MSM; it amounts to a blood libel on the white Americans who are assumed to be committing these crimes.

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