Billboards: Blame Whites For Your Problems, Blacks
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From KPTV in Portland:

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – On Monday groups unveiled a billboard campaign to raise awareness about gun violence in Portland, with a focus on the Black community.

Founder of nonprofit The No Hate Zone, Sam Sachs helped organize the effort with several other leaders in the community.

Sachs said during the press conference to unveil one of the billboards at Northeast Fremont Street and Northeast Sandy Boulevard that he wanted this campaign to address the gun violence that’s killing Black men in our community. …

During that press conference, artist Elijah Hasan who helped craft the billboards shared their meaning and purpose.

“We really wanted to get at the core of what we think the issue is and that is self-hate and the environment that kind of manifested that self-hate which I believe is white supremacy and decisions that were made back in time that created a cycle and a perpetuation of violence that we’re still seeing today,” Hasan said. “We wanted to put up some imagery and get them to think about some things deeper than what’s right in front of them.”

The billboard unveiled in northeast Portland organizers say shows imagery of a slave ship superimposed onto a gold bullet. It reads: “Racism + self-hate = gun violence. Reject the oppression.”

And from the New York Post:

Public-funded CA ads warn black mothers-to-be that racism may hurt their babies
By Jesse O’Neill May 15, 2021 | 11:25pm | Updated

Officials in San Diego have caused controversy by putting up tax-payer funded billboards that warn expectant mothers of color that they face health complications due to racism, according to a report.

The advertisements reads, “Our Black babies are nearly 60% more likely to be premature due to discrimination,” and “Racism hurts your baby long before they’re born.”

… The National Center for Health Statistics confirms that black babies (12.2 percent) were more likely to be born prematurely than white (7.7 percent) and Hispanic babies (9.9 percent) in California, according to the report.

My impression is that a rule of thumb is black babies typically gestate for 39 weeks and nonblack babies for 40 weeks.

It’s easy to understand the motivation for telling black people that if they behave better it will be a sharp stick in the eye to evil whites, but is there any evidence that the kind of blacks who behave badly understand these triple bankshot strategies?

My theory is that the only thing likely to have any beneficial effect is telling blacks that they should be ashamed of their bad behavior and they must knock it off. But that’s unthinkable these days.

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