Why Have Almost All The White Students Suddenly Vanished From San Mateo Public High Schools?
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Burlingame High School is a public school in the affluent suburban San Mateo school district just south of the San Francisco airport. Its student body used to be about half white, with the rest Asian and Hispanic. Suddenly, two years ago, virtually all the white students (blue in the graph) vanished, from 712 in 2018 to 11 in 2020, with Two Or More Races growing from 152 in 2018 to 851 in 2020.

This disappearance of whites shows up on several private and government websites. It’s not just a typo at one school.

The same thing happened at San Mateo HS in the same school district:

And at Hillsdale HS in the district:

On the other, Carlmont HS in the nearby Sequoia school district doesn’t appear to be missing any white students:

So whatever is happening appears to be restricted to the San Mateo Union High district.

Weirdly, almost nobody seems to have noticed…

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