Biden Vs. Trump Donors: Facebook, Google, Harvard And Stanford Vs. NYPD And U.S. Marines
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From Bloomberg:

The Employees Who Gave Most to Trump and Biden
By Jackie Gu
November 2, 2020

… Of the employers included in this analysis, those whose employees tilted the most to Trump were the New York Police Department and the U.S. Marines, with almost 70% of employees who made contributions to one of the two presidential campaigns favoring the incumbent. The employers with the greatest share of Biden donors were Facebook and the University of Washington [I think they meant U. of Colorado], with over 97% of their donors giving to Biden:


This graph leaves out the vertical scale, but it runs from “over 97%” at the top to “almost 70%” at the bottom: i.e., there is about an order of magnitude more political diversity within the NYPD and US Marines (where more than 30% of employees who donated support Biden than within Facebook, where about 3% supported Trump).

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