Biden “No Borders” Wrecking Central America. Only Foreign MSM Will Report
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Earlier (2001) by Sam Francis: Immigration Depopulates Mexico and Overpopulates America

I detest the fact that important news stories nowadays cannot reliably be found from legacy MSM sources but require also looking at alternative sources like or independently curated Social Media feeds.

On VDARE’s Gab thread today I found Coffee harvest plunges amid Central American exodus, Bangkok Post, Feb 23, 2023:

Nestled in the mountains of central Honduras, the ”El Encanto” coffee farm is tackling this year’s harvest with half the pickers it needs.

In Costa Rica’s Central Valley, the ”Hersaca Tres Marias” farm faces a similar dilemma. The seasonal laborers both rely on are among the thousands to have abandoned Central American shores in search of a better life elsewhere.

”Many of our coffee pickers now go to the United States, to other countries, for a lack of opportunities” at home, farmer Selvin Marquez, 34, told AFP in Siguatepeque...

As the VDARE post said

Biden’s Open Borders policy is destroying the economies of Central America, making its problems worse.

So here we have a story relevant to U.S. immigration policy, Central American affairs, and commodity prices.

But it had to be originated by the French news agency Agence French-Presse. Of MSM actors only a Thai newspaper picked it up. A sustained search of Google News suggests that no American MSM source used the story.

The American MSM is completely Sovietized. Anyone who relies on it for news is a fool. The dissident news sites are essential.


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