More Anchor Babies Were Born To Illegals Than To Americans In 49 States
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Breitbart has a story entitled Nearly 400K Anchor Babies Born in 2021, Outpacing Births in 49 States, i.e., there's only one state in the Union that produced as many children as illegals did nationwide. That state was California—which is rife with illegals.

They did a similar story in 2018, when the figure was 300K.

I don't think the general American public realizes how devastating that number truly is. Virtually all illegal aliens know about birthright citizenship and many of them know they will be getting money from the U.S. government the moment the child is born. This will also keep them from being deported. If for some reason they are ignorant of this fact, organizations like Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Catholic Charities and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service will be all too happy to let them know.

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