Biden: Amnesty Skepticism Is the Enlarged Prostate Impeding the "Constant, Unrelenting Streams" of "Not Dribbling" But "Significant Flows" of Prosperity
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Benjamin Goad writes in The Hill:

Biden: We need ‘constant, unrelenting stream’ of immigrants

Vice President Biden painted a rosy picture of the outlook for U.S. businesses Tuesday, but said economic growth hinges in large part on immigration reform, now languishing in Congress.

“We need it badly from a purely – purely economic point of view,” Biden said during remarks to the National Association of Manufacturers. …

Biden said a key to the country’s solid economic footing is the “the ‘constant, unrelenting stream’ of immigrants that has come to the United States for generations."

I was originally going to say something about Joe’s very Catholic conception of immigration as a just punishment for our national sins, like “C’mon, Joe, you can do better. How about ‘inexorable, merciless deluge?’”

But, the next line in the article makes clear that the Vice President has something more down to earth on his mind:

“Not dribbling,” Biden explained. “Significant flows.”

Joe’s speech demanding that Congress pass urination reform now was perhaps intended to audition for his post-Veep dream job as television spokesman for FloMax.

But why should he have to wait to cash in? Why can’t he be like the Secretary of State in Idiocracy and have a product placement deal right now? He got elected Senator at 29 so he’s never had any kind of real job. He needs some bucks now. When he’s delivering the eulogy for some dead dictator, he could simply say:

“The Generalissimo was a great friend of freedom, brought to you by Carl’s Jr.”
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