Ann Coulter Shares Her Personal Experience With People's False Memories Of Her
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Ann Coulter appeared on the radio with Larry O’Connor Thursday at the same time as the Kavanaugh hearing was taking place in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

She made the point in first few minutes that it’s very normal for the public to wrongly remember famous people doing things touching on their lives, like a radio host whose friend recalled Ann being particularly witty in a criminal procedure class in law school—a class she never took.

And several others have friends who dated Ann in college, which also was a fantasy.

She remarked, “I don’t know why it happens, but people insert public figures when they come into the news, and boy! was Brett Kavanaugh in the news not only in 1998, but especially in 2012 and obviously in the last three months. . . . I cannot tell you how common this is.”

Coulter could have an interesting conversation with false memory expert Elizabeth Loftus—see my blog about her work, False Memory Syndrome: Was Kavanaugh's Accuser Unduly Influenced During Therapy?


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