Ann Coulter Reminds Hannity that Crushing Amnesty Is Job #1
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Ann Coulter visited Sean Hannity on Thursday to emphasize the defeat of the Senate immigration bill, remarking, “Remember Americans, the most important thing is stopping amnesty!” She takes the message consistently to that Fox News show, perhaps because Hannity has required severe retraining after coming out strong for amnesty soon after the Romney defeat.

Hannity had accepted the bogus idea of consultants and other Republican leaders (like RNC Chair Reince Priebus) that illegal alien coddling was necessary for Republican electoral success in the immigration-caused new demographics. In fact, there was only 4 percent difference in Hispanic votes for amnesty promoter John McCain (31%) in 2008 and pro-enforcement candidate Mitt Romney (27%) in 2012. (See chart from Pew Research.)

It’s good that Coulter and a few others are stepping up to the plate. Amnesty is the disappearing issue, from Fox News to talk radio. Mickey Kaus wrote a blog the other day titled, If Amnesty Wins, Blame Cruz, but a better choice for that label might be radio conservative Rush Limbaugh, who only talks about immigration when a caller brings it up. It looks like the guy has given up on saving the country and his show is just going through the motions. Limbaugh can’t afford to hang up his spurs and lose millions of dollars, so he keeps up the rap, smacking easy targets like Obama, but neglecting to engage on amnesty even during August, the month of important town halls across America. His urging for concerned citizens to show up could make a difference, but he’s running on snooze mode. In a 2006 radio interview, Limbaugh challenged Vice President Cheney about hundreds of millions of immigrants being admitted under pending legislation, but now the passion is worn down. Only the El Rushbo persona remains.

Fortunately, we still have a few patriots on air like Laura Ingraham, an attorney who read the Senate bill and speaks against amnesty often, and Mark Levin who remains fierce in defending liberty from foreign invaders and their treasonous facilitators.

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