An Actual Positive Comment On Rubio's Comment Thread—From A Member Of The Treason Lobby
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Almost all the comments on Rubio's website, which he incautiously opened up for citizen commentary, are fiercely negative about amnesty, but he has one friend:

Michelle A. Ross

04/29/2013 04:17 PM

Senator Rubio,

I write to encourage you to continue support a bill that includes a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants and to urge you to continue to support current bi-partisan efforts for immigration reform. The current bill is a positive step towards a more just and humane immigration system. The calls for blind enforcement and deportation instead of legalization are not practical and doing this will only hurt American families and the economy. There will always be a few people with radical views on either side of this debate, but those views should not derail the bi-partisan progress being made.

What causes all that enthusiasm for nation-breaking amnesty? Well, I asked Google, and Google claims that Michelle Alaina Ross [Email her]is an immigration attorney in Connecticut.

Last month she and three other immigration lawyers were badgering their Congressman in his district office in Bridgeport:

Attorney Maier Negugogor MEETS WITH U.S. Representative for CT's 4th Congressional District

Kidambi & Associates, P.C., 10 March 2013

On March 8, 2013, Associate Attorney Maier Negugogor of Kidambi & Associates joined Douglass R. Penn (Media/Advocacy Chair of AILA’s CT Chapter) and immigration attorneys Aleksander Y. Troyb and Michelle A. Ross to participate in an in-district meeting with Congressman Jim Himes (U.S. Representative for CT’s 4th Congressional District) at his Bridgeport, CT office. The topic of discussion was comprehensive immigration reform. The attorneys engaged in a detailed discussion with Representative Himes on the need for visa bulletin reform providing him with specific examples of the length of time it takes our clients to get a green card due to the backlogged numbers. The meeting was a step forward in raising awareness of the important issues affecting our clients. We urge clients and other stakeholders to support comprehensive immigration reform and to voice their particular issues and concerns to their local elected officials, state & federal senators and representatives. In this critical moment, it is vital to let your voices be heard.

So she's not a typical citizen. Amazing how enthusiastic immigration lawyers are for amnesty. Do you have any I idea how much it would cost to send four lawyers to sit in someone's office and harangue them? But they're doing it on their own time, apparently.

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